[HTB] Omni Write-up

This was a pretty interesting box and had a new OS that I’ve never messed with. As always we start with an Nmap scan and adding the box to our hosts file. So we see that it looks like a Windows server but we never get a proper OS fingerprint for it. After some Googling, […]

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[HTB] Blunder Write-up

As always start off with an Nmap scan. I also tend to use this time to add the box to my hosts file as [box_name].htb Enumerate the directories of the webpage using Gobuster, dirsearch, wfuzz, etc. [+] /about [+] /0 [+] /admin [+] /usb [+] /LICENSE [+] /todo.txt [+] /robots.txt After looking in todo.txt, possible […]

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